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DGC approved formula

This delicious meal will have your precious kids growing in leaps and bounds

Kid Developer Meal is a mix of fresh grains, quality protein meals, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, additional health supplements and sweetened with molasses.
Our highly digestible proteins assist with maximizing absorption of amino acids to assist and stimulate the growth of kid goats. Specific nutrients aid strengthening of bones and achieving optimum health, strength, development and mobility.

Contains: Maize, Barley, Peas, Quality Vegetable Proteins, Fibre Pellet, Salts, Electrolytes, Molasses, Vitamins, Essential Trace Minerals, Bone-Gro Minerals. NuEra Performance Booster™ provides a source of probiotics, yeast cells, oligosaccharides and feed enzymes to promote gut micro-flora and growth of beneficial bacteria necessary for a healthy digestive system and early immune response. Added salts will increase salivation.

Recommended feeding rate:
Depending on pasture and access to other feeds introduce Kid Developer meal from the first week and once accepted increase gradually over 10 days to allow full adaptation by the rumen microflora building up to 1kg post weaning.

Quality roughage, chaff, hay or pasture and clean water must be available at all times

Contains COCCIDIOSTAT 90mg/kg Lasalocid
(as 600mg/kg BovatecĀ® No. A09679)
BovatecĀ® is registered pursuant to ACVM Act 1997 No. A09679
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