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Harvest Grains


Optimize Growth Energy & Condition
premium nutrition

  • A balanced feed for growth and maintenance

  • Yearlings and sale preparation

  • Balanced for Ready 2 Runners and pre-training 

  • Assists muscle strength and recovery

  • Provides superior nutrition for spelling and adgistment

  • Suitable for mares and senior aged horses

  • A smart choice for those with fussy appetites 

Why choose Breed N Spell® 

Balanced Feed for Growth and Maintenance: Breed N Spell® is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of horses during both growth and maintenance phases. It provides essential nutrients for muscle development, overall health, and recovery.
Yearlings and Sale Preparation: Suitable for yearlings (young horses) and horses being prepared for sale by providing specific nutritional needs so they continue to grow and develop.
Ready 2 Runners and Pre-Training: Delivers targeted nutrition to support their athletic performance.
Assists Muscle Strength and Recovery: With ingredients to support muscle strength and aid in post-exercise recovery.
Superior Nutrition for Spelling and Agistment: Supplies high-quality nutrition during these phases.
Suitable for Mares and Senior Aged Horses: Can be fed to mares and older horses.
Smart Choice for Fussy Appetites: Will tempt most horses!
Does Not Contain Soy Protein Meal: Suitable for horses with sensitivities to soy.
Quality Non-Genetically Modified Ingredients: We use non-GMO ingredients as the protein foundation.
Essential Amino Acids, Lysine, and Methionine: These are crucial for healthy growth and metabolism.
Balanced Formula with Organic Chelated Minerals and Organic Selenium: The inclusion of organic minerals ensures better absorption and utilization.
Coated Vitamins to Delay Oxidation: Using coated vitamins maintains potency for a longer period during storage.

Suggested kg per day split between feeds:
100kg feed up to 0.8kg per day
200kg feed up to 1.6kg per day
300kg feed up to 2.4kg per day
400kg feed up to 3.2kg per day
500kg feed up to 4.0kg per day
600kg feed up to 4.8kg per day

Miniature horses - 80g per 10kg bodyweight

Not suitable for equines likely to suffer a genetic predisposition to having EMS, laminitis or cushings disease

barley, lupins, peas, sunflower, GMO free extruded protein, alfalfa, HGO3 oil (omega 3 fatty acid), legumes, molasses, HG Premium (inorganic and organic mineral premix, chelated minerals), protected vitamins, muscle anti-oxidant, probiotic, prebiotic, feed enzymes,  MOS, gut conditioners, essential salts,
• Seek advice if unsure of selenium requirements 
• Provide additional salt or electrolytes when work intensity or sweat loss increases 

Typical Analysis per kg:
C Protein 16.7%, D Energy 13MJ kg, Lysine 5.8g, Calcium 7.4g, Phosphorus 4.7g, Copper 57.4mg, Zinc 138mg, Orgainc Selenium 0.5mg, Manganese 100mg, Iodine 2.6mg, Iron 200mg, Sodium 3.1g, Chloride 6.4g, Magnesium 2.9g, Potassium 9.1g, Vitamin A 15081 IU, Vitamin D 2268 IU,,, Vitamin E 648 IU, Vitamin B1 11.2mg, Vitamin B2 8.01mg, Niacin B3 58.1mg, Vitamin B5 18.7mg, Vitamin B6 7.8mg, Folic acid 3.9mg, Vit B12 65μg, Biotin 0.3mg, Chromium 0.15mg, Vitamin K3 3mg, Cobalt 0.75mg, Choline 1.5mg,Omega 3 5200mg, Omega 6 4100mg

Keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight.
Does not contain any prohibited or illegal substance listed under FEI rules or AU:NZ Rules of Racing.
If feeding Harvest Grains BREED N SPELL
for the first time gradually introduce over a minimum 7 days so the horses digestive system can adjust gradually to the new diet, proteins and oils.
Ensure your horses receive a minimum 1% of their body-weight as additional good quality fiber and give open access to fresh clean drinking water and salt block if needed.

Not suitable for equines suffering EMS, laminitis or cushings disease
Selenium testing is advisable to ensure levels meet the horses individual needs


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