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A general conditioning textured blend sweetened with molasses.
Can be offered as part of a balanced diet for lifestyle animals including horses.

Ingredients: (selected from)
Barley, wheat, coconut meal, broll, canola meal, chaff, molasses, vegetable oil, minerals, vitamins,  lime, di-calcium phosphate, salt, toxin binder

DE 12-13 MJ/kg
Protein 14-16%

Nutrients per kg: Calcium 8.1g, Phosphorus 4.2g, Copper 11mg, Zinc 25mg, 100% organic Selenium 0.15, Manganese 30mg, Iodine 1mg, Iron 75mg, Sodium 4g,  Chloride 8g, Magnesium 3g, Potassium 7g, Vitamin A 800iu, Vitamin D 900iu, 100%, Vitamin E 150iu, Vit B1 6mg, Vitamin B2 8mg, Niacin B3 40mg, Vitamin B5 14mg, Vitamin B6 6mg, Folic acid 2mg, Vit B12 36μg, Biotin H2 2mg, Chromium  0.1mg, Vitamin K3 1.2mg,  Cobalt 0.3mg, Choline 0.1mg,

We suggest feeding no more than 1kg per 100kg of the animals weight

No withholding period
Not suitable for: equines with metabolic conditions such as laminitis 
Keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight.
For best results use within 6 weeks.


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