"I wanted to let you know the kids have been on your Timothy Smart Feed for over 8 mths now and are looking absolutely incredible 😉 multi multi Supreme winners on Timothy Smart Feed. Thanks from the BRSS TEAM"
Visit the Big Red Snacks website BIG RED SNACKS

Alannah H - Affinity Equine, Hastings 
"Marystown Charmers Private Blend (Titan) owned by Maungatua Stud, is a unanimous National Supreme title winner and loves his Harvest Grains Breed N Spell. Our young show horses, foals and broodmares are also fed Breed N Spell with super results"

Codie White - Waikato
Harvest Grains Feeds are a staple in my horses diets. My favourite and what the majority of my team run on is the Megabuild, which I have had outstanding results from. I have tried many brands ant this has been the only one i have used which put weight on my OTTB and also had him looking ready for the show ring! It gives my eventers and young horses everything they need while competing, whilst adding condition and building muscle. Those doing less or turned out are fed Breed N Spell which keeps the weight on them and gives them everything they need, without the fizz. And when I need the fizz, I feed Race N Power, which is great for when my eventers need a little something extra, it really gives them a hugely noticeable boost! After switching to Race N Power, one of my event horses went out and won at Kihikihi. Accompanied by Harvest Grains Mash my horses have never looked or felt so good.

Rohaise D - Waipa  
"Harvest Grains horse feeds have literally transformed our horses and they look amazing - their conditioning - attitude and wellbeing have all dramatically changed for the better. We mainly Show Jump and have battled so many challenges with ailments including arthritis staggers and metabolic disorders as well as allergies. There has been a monumental change in health, body shapes and general demeanor - the Timothy Smart Feed and Harmonize have allowed us to manage their conditions and successfully produce the team including our stallion, for competitions this year"

Brook H - Cambridge 
Ziggy Stardust Gnz aka Barney moved onto Smart chaff about 4 months ago. Ever since we have seen a huge change in his gut health.

- A short period later he completely stopped wind sucking after wind sucking his entire life
- He has maintained weight even thought the periods of the bigger shows
- Incredible shine on his coat
- Generally less stressed and more relaxed in the paddock/yards at shows and home.

SG Stud - Boutique Equine Breeding Services 
"We have been feeding Breed n Spell and Smart Chaff here now for quite some time. It's an amazing all round feed for all the mares, foals and Stallions. We are able to keep good condition on the horses all year round, and the shine in the coats is always commented on"
Visit the SG Stud website SG STUD

Sue R - Hastings
"Seattle' aka Hamish loves his Harvest Grains Harmonize"
Hack of The Year 2020
Lady Rider of The Year 2020
Livamol Classic 2020

Regal Farms Cambridge
"Harvest Grains Megabuild gives the show ring shine and condition we need. We love the feed and all our horses love it too. We also use it for our sales horses when they need that extra condition" - Kara W

AD PONY STUD -  Matangi
We have a diverse range of horses here at our boutique stud in Matangi . We have Breeding, young stock, performance ponies and park hacks. I have been feeding the Harvest Grains range of feeds since we learnt about them. Our horses thrive on Megabuild, Timothy Smart Feed and Harmonize and they all look amazing -  Amy D

Sue R - Oaklane Stables
"Conrad is on the best feed, you just can’t beat Harvest Grains HARMONIZE”. 
Winners of NZSHC Champion in Hand and Champion Show Hunter/Hack 2021

Kristi C - Warkworth
"The team are all fed the Harvest Grains Timothy Smart Feed and the Harmonize. We have produced multi-supreme winning performance mini horses and they all thrive on these feeds"
Photo is Sheokes Bucks Bay Im Hot AIMHCNZ National Show. Supreme Performance Horse Cat B.
Visit the Brick Bay Equine FB page BRICK BAY EQUINE

Karen O - Taupo 
"He is pretty special boy and its great to have feed that is extra safe for him. We love the Harmonize and Timothy Smart Feed, they keep our ponies settled and working well"

Murray - Kaipaki Horsemanship
A few months prior to lockdown I made the switch to using Harvest Grains feeds for our horses. The results have been fantastic.
I’m really pleased to have made the switch. I love that Harvest Grains make there feeds right here locally in Cambridge, and are highly palatable and nutritious, specifically formulated for our conditions. The team at Harvest Gains are extremely knowledgeable, and do a fantastic job of keeping my team looking and feeling fantastic! - 

Visit the Kaipaki Horsemanship website KAIPAKI HORSEMANSHIP

Liberty Lane Rescue Horses
Milo came into my care very underweight, laminitic and bloods showing he was lacking in vitamins/minerals. He was a very fussy eater so I needed something to get the condition on him safely, carefully and something he would eat. Harvest Grains Harmonize was the perfect feed. He loves it and has done so well since being on it. It’s lovely to see him so happy and well again

Alex M - Waikato
"We LOVE harvest grains feeds. Pearl is on MegaBuild and Timothy Smart Feed, the gloss and shine she has is amazing! Even through winter! ✨ The best we have seen. Just look at the before & after" 

Alison P  - Pekapeka
"Brackenleighs Royal Affair' aka Fergie  - was produced using Harmonize and Timothy Smart Feed to win Reserve Champion Purebred Welsh 2020"

Amanda - Gisborne 
"Absolutely love Harvest Grains Harmonize! Simplified feed time and both my TB and Stationbred horse are looking fantastic"

Liberty Lane Rescue - Michelle H - Hamilton
"Miss Pizazz looking soooo healthy and happy on her Harmonize feed"
This is such a brilliant safe feed for our Kaimanawas! And even my super fussy ones go mad for their Harmonize! I love how you can soak it to a mash and it smells delicious"

Stephanie - SpiritRides Riding and Vaulting School - Raglan
"Horse Nutrition is extremely important to me!At the end of last year I changed all my horses' feed to Harvest Grains Feeds. I loved their products - we all know that the true test is in the middle of winter, right! We went from a drought to a cold winter with not much grass growth in between. Check out Yasmina and Santo today!! Just pulled their cover off, unbrushed Santo is an Andalusian, Yasmina a Cleveland Bay x Thoroughbred. Both can get light round about now, but look at them 👌👍So glad to have made the change!"

"This time last year my feed shed was full with at least 10 different feeds. A Scoop of this a Dipper of that. Each feed would have at least 5 different mixes in it. Didnt make for easy feeding when you have lots of mouths to feed.
Fast forward to this winter and Changing to Harvest grain feeds. I have literally 2 bags of different feeds in my feed shed. Feeding less with Amazing results. The pictures taken today speak for themselves. The horses pictured are just 2 of the many were feeding, They enjoy daily, Mega Build and Smart chaff with there daily Dose of Dynavyte MBS for overall gut health. From Drought to floods so very minimal to no grass" 

Hazel T - Waikato
"Slinky is starting to fill out and look amazing now that he’s back in work. There were only 9 days between these photos being taken. Thanks to Harvest Grains feeds he’s never looked better and is behaving so well"

Daphine L
"Almost 8 years of owning Jack, I’ve finally found a feed that works for him!
The photos are 4 weeks apart. He’s always struggled to hold his weight during winter, I’ve tired numerous feeds! This year he’s putting on weight when he’s usually losing it!"

Kerryanne - Waipa 
"Hey, id just like to say i highly rate your feed. I've been feeding my tb on Megabuild for the past 6 weeks after him taking a serious turn on other feeds the lovely ladies at my local saddlery store recommended i give Megabuild a go and wow its amazing!! My boy has gained weight looks way more shiny and is even building topline now! and i absolutely love that it doesn't heat him up!"

Dani T - Just a message to let you know how delighted I am with Harvest Grains products. I have six stock horses with varying needs, ranging from a newly acquired recovering laminitic to an older retired boy in need of condition, and one with a sensitive stomach. I am currently feeding Harmonize to all six, and they are looking amazing through winter with level heads. My eldest and my ex-trotter are also receiving Megabuild and look phenomenal. Here is a picture of my 22 year old boy, paddock condition. I couldn’t be happier!

Rachel L - Hamilton
"This one does not need the extra weight! Thought you might like to see this shine after a few weeks being on your Harvest Grains Harmonize. And look at those dapples" 

Deborah D - Northland
"I highly recommend these products - TLC Inamorta has been on Timothy Smart Feed and MegaBuild since coming off the race track - she trailed 4 times and came last 4 times - I just want to say thank you for producing such an amazing feed, Shelia is really thriving"  

Dana H - Whangarei
"I have always struggled to put weight on George. I have tried many different brands, spending a fortune on feed each month and wasn’t seeing the results I was hoping for until NOW!!!
George has been on Harvest grains Mega-build for a couple of months now and the results are amazing I wish I had taken a before photo to really show the weight he has gained. I’ve always been able to see his ribs but since being on Megabuild he’s become well covered!"

Shona M - The Horsewear House
"Our team thrive on Timothy Smart Feed and Megabuild for the show season. We then switch them to Timothy Smart Feed and Harmonize for the winter when they are not travelling and working and don't need so much feed"
Visit the Horsewear House website THE HORSEWEAR HOUSE

J & H Nicholson - Arizona Showtime
"I can’t get over how shiny ✨ her coat is! She’s looking amazing 😍 after just 10 days on Harmonize and she loves it. She wasn’t even washed just a swim in the stream the day before and a quick brush that morning" 

Jane S - Taupo 
"These are two of mine that are on Harvest Grains Harmonize. Jackson (left) is a young Ngahiwi hot blood who has calmed down since being on this feed for a week with only one ride instead of three-four rides a week to keep him chilled. Wiz (right) has been on Harmonize a couple of weeks now and has dapples though hard to see in photo as he is dark. No feed, other than green grass has ever had him looking this good. He’s in full work and is keeping his weight and energy perfectly as well as building muscle"
Visit the Snaffle Equestrian website SNAFFLE EQUESTRIAN

Sarah G - Galaxy Equine
 "Hey check this out. This is one of my old boys i am feeding Harmonize. Merlin is one of the oldies bordering on laminitic. Check out those dapples. Iv had him nearly all his life and never seen this before, how cool is that. Has to be the feed as nothing else has changed" 🦄  

Hazel T - South Waikato 
"Spiney is looking fantastic and is now a winner on Harvest Grains Harmonize. He's never been so healthy and shiny. We absolutely love this great feed" 

KD Equestrian 
"Can't thank the team enough for the love and care that they put into creating these feeds. My horses are looking amazing on Harvest Grains Harmonize and Harvest Grains Breed n Spell mixed with the Smart-Chaff"

Riversley Park Bloodstock
Ready to Run leading vendor four consecutive years
Visit the Riversely Park website RIVERSLEY PARK

Your Harvest Grains Before & Afters

'These Horses are Truly Beautiful inside and out'

Meet Romeo a thoroughbred gelding photos shown are approximately 16 weeks from start to finish
A slow introduction to suitable feeds is the key. We chose Harvest Grains Smart-Chaff to give us the start we needed. Romeos worm count showed nothing so we then followed up with Harvest Grains Harmonize and finally transitioned to Harvest Grains MegaBuild. We kept it simple with only the addition of hay and digestive aids and it worked.


Kaimanawa Heritage Horses would like to say a huge thank you for your wonderful support of all our rescue horses. All of them have done amazingly well on your Breed n Spell and despite never having had hard feed before they quickly took to your feed.
Thank you so much from the KHH Team.
Photos are horses we rescued feeding Harvest Grains Breed N Spell

Liberty Lane Rescue Rehabilitation and Rehoming
"Dolly was rescued as an unhandled, pregnant mare in terrible condition with a lot of rain scald and full of lice. She had never been fed hard fed before so after a few days on hay only to get her tummy working she was introduced slowly to breed n spell. She loved the feed and quickly started to gain weight. She foaled safely a gorgeous colt and continued to gain weight. Her coat colour completely changed and she now looks a different horse! She eagerly looks forward to her Breed n Spell daily feeds"  - Proprietor Michele Haultain


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