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COPRA 20kg

18% crude protein
12-14% ME/kg 
8-10% oil
90% dry matter
33% acid detergent fibre

Copra Meal is the residue after the flesh of fresh coconuts has been dried and chopped up before being pressed for coconut oil. After the coconut oil is expelled, the resulting cake is hammer-milled into meal form before going to storage. Copra meal is very palatable which makes it highly desirable for inclusion in rations for weaners and young stock. 
Product is of plant origin from GMO Free coconuts grown around the South Pacific. The toasted coconut aroma makes the product highly palatable which aids feed intake with fussy or juvenile stock. Good levels of ruminal by-pass protein. Excellent source of energy without the risks associated with feeding high starch energy sources such as grains. Copra Meal has a big reputation for high growth rates with young stock, and rapid improvements in BCS with underweight dry stock.
DO NOT FEED TO LACTATING COWS OR GOATS due to possibility of milk contamination

Farm animals have been known to handle up to 1kg per 100kg bodyweight per day

Feed rate for equine (it is advised that copra be soaked prior to feeding horses and ponies)

500kg up to 2.5kg

400kg up to 2kg

300kg up to 1.5kg

200kg up to 1kg

100kg up to 500g