This is a GMO FREE copra screened and improved for feeding to horses. Additional ingredients include flax chaff, hulls, legumes, seed, probiotic, ACVM registered toxin treatment, omega fatty acids, omega 3, calcium

  • Always soak before feeding to help improve digestion and risk of compaction colic

Nutrient profile kg:  D Energy 12-14MJ, C Protein 18-20%, Lysine 8.3g, Calcium 8g, Phosphorus 5.8g, Copper 14.4mg, Zinc 39mg, Selenium 0.19mg, Manganese 63.2mg, Iodine 1.2mg, Iron 106mg, Sodium 1g, Chloride 0.39g, Magnesium 2.9g, Potassium 14.7g, Vitamin A 67.5iu, Vitamin D 13iu, 100%, Vitamin E 6.2iu, Vit B1 1mg, Vitamin B2 3mg, Niacin B3 29.4mg, Vitamin B5 7mg, Vitamin B6 3.9mg, Folic acid 1.2mg, Vit B12 48μg, Biotin 0.29mg, Oil 8-10%

NSC 10%, WSC 8%, STARCH 2%

Suggested feed limit
500kg up to 2.5kg
400kg up to 2kg
300kg up to 1.5kg
200kg up to 1kg
100kg up to 500g

To ensure you horse or pony is receiving a balanced diet it may be necessary to seek advice.
Any mineral shortfalls should be addressed to ensure health and metabolism are not compromised.
If at all concerned request your vet do a blood test (include selenium)
Provide additional salt or electrolytes as required

Variations in the nutrient values may occur due to natural changes in ingredients


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