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20% Calf Starter Meal $1030/ton + gst includes delivery on farm most Waikato areas


"The most premium quality and most delicious calf meal you will find"

NO Palm Kernal

Our premium delicious meals will promote strong immune responses and effective rumen development. Highly digestible proteins maximize absorption of amino acids and growth of young calves. Specific nutrients aid strengthening of the immune system for optimum health, growth and mobility. Lucerne and the additional high quality legumes stimulate the calves rumen development. Essential salts increase salivation and rumen buffering. NuEra Nutrition Performance Booster™ provides probiotic-prebiotic, feed enzymes to encourage growth of beneficial bacteria in the rumen.

Dry Matter Analysis: 
Dry Matter Analysis: 20% Crude Protein 7% fat 8% max crude fibre
Slight variations in the nutrient levels may occur due to natural changes in ingredients

Recommended feeding rate:
Recommended feeding rate: For control of coccidiosis and improved live weight gain. Feed 1kg meal per 60kg Calf to provide 90mg Lasalocid per day (equivelent to 1.5mg Lasalocid per kg of live weight per day). Introduce 20% meal from 4 days of age increasing amounts gradually up to weaning. Weaning taking place when calves consume 1kg of meal per day over 3 consecutive days. Switch to 16% Finisher Meal when calves reach 70kg or more. Quality straw, hay or pasture and clean water should be available at all times

maize, barley, peas, quality extruded vegetable proteins, copra, lucerne, super fiber pellet, electrolyte salts, molasses, calf vitamin mineral Premix, di-calcium phosphate, lime, Lasalocid, NuEra Performance Booster™ probiotics/prebiotics, feed enzymes, toxin binder
90mg/kg Lasalocid (as 600mg/kg BovatecĀ® No. A09679)

This feed contains additional copper therefor do not feed to sheep
supplied in 1 ton lots = 40 x 25kg bags
product appearance may not be identical to the image shown on website


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