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Harvest Grains calf feeds contain 
Performance Booster®

To aid feed conversion and general health of your calves

A unique natural blend of heat treated probiotic and yeast cells, a feed enzyme, short chain oligosaccharides.
No single feed ingredient can maintain the ideal balance of all critical factors in the intestinal tract.
A blend of nutritional feed supplements is required.

The key ingredients used in the formula:
• Component derived from heat treated bacterial organism and yeast cells
• Oligosaccharides
• Feed enzymes

Bacteria and yeast cell extracts may assist in the:
• Productions of organic acids, stabilizing the gastric pH
• Stimulation of rumen micro-organisms
• Maintenance of optimum balance of intestinal microflora
• Reduction of effect related to external stress factors
• Decrease in gastric oxygen status to minimize the effect of harmful bacteria

Oligosaccharides may:
• Stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria (Lactobacilli and Bifidobacter sp.)
• Prevent pathogenic bacteria adhesion to the lining of the intestinal tract
• Increase organic acid production
• Enhance the immune function
Enzymes help to improve feed efficiency by:
• Breaking down complex starches, non starch polysaccharides (fibre) and proteins
• Improving feed digestion and absorption
• Increasing the uptake of important vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids and fatty acid


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